Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blog Giveaway: Luview Cosmetics

My first time joining a blog giveaway contest,i hope you too :) Here it is from Camilla , sponsored by LUVIEW cosmetics .

Photo from Camilla

The mechanics are simple, too. Just follow, like, like, spread, and fill up the form. Join here :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

my BLACKWATER giveaway prize :)

hi guys! First of all i wanna introduce myself to you,..
I'm El-jhey,a make up lover,hairstyle videos addict ;) and a newbie giveaway junkie :p

Here's a short story how i ended up joining :)

   Recently,i was browsing through my facebook acct. searching for local brands and high quality make up found here in the philippines, i want to join their page for updates and possibly new products they'll be launching etc.,. So i when i saw Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc., i quickly joined in and also the other brands they sell such as BLACKWATER (where i won :D ) and CARELINE (make up for teens).

   One time i saw they are having a contest on Blackwater page,simple way to join,just post a "pick up" line,that's it. You know like "hindi ka pa pagod? ,"bakit?" , "kasi maghapon ka na tumatakbo sa isip ko eh." That's my first try :) and my second one,to were i won is, "cactus ka ba?", "kasi yayakapin kita kahit alam kong masasaktan ako". :D i know,i know,it's corny for some,but hey! i won something with that simple phrase :)

  Here's some of the photos i took:

Sorry guy's,have to keep it this small coz you might see my address :)

  Me and my bro was like,"omgee totoo nga" ^_^ we got so excited for the content of the package.

   All of these are for men so i also gave away almost all of them to my brother and my boyfriend and they like it.

   The blue one was AQUA and the black one was BLACKWATER JR. PATRIOTS,i love the scent of AQUA so i kept one big bottle for myself :)

  There's also a soap for men include here.